Diving prince exposed lady temperament

It is reported that Tian Liang, Hu Jing Fan Siu Wong, starring family inspirational film, "ran one day" will be June 1 Children's Day release. Recently, the behind the scenes of the film's first exposure, Tian Liang for the common good not hesitate to sacrifice the image to white Fu-mei, "women's style appearance.

                          Diving prince"white rich" stills

                            Diving prince like a  lady

                               Hand juvenile smile

                Diving prince to amuse the children smile--Neff caps

                                Film star stills

                        Diving prince take off the wig

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Diving prince Tian liang was invited to attend the film conference show "hula"

May 23, 2012, Beijing, tian liang, go to movie "run out of a day" conference, the big show "short skirt" dance.

                          Long balloon as a grass skirt

                             Diving prince jump hula

                         Diving prince dances while turn

                        Diving prince sitting cross-legged

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Millions of wives wed to gay men: expert

There may be as many as 16 million women who are married to homosexual men, a leading expert has estimated.
Professor Zhang Bei-chuan at Qingdao University, an authority on AIDS and HIV, says that due to traditional family values in China, about 90 percent of homosexual men get married because of pressure to conform.
"But their wives are struggling to cope and their plight should be recognized," he said on Thursday.
Xiao Yao, a 29-year-old magazine editor in Xi'an, Shaanxi province, divorced her gay husband in 2008.
"Most gay men's wives I've known are silently suffering at the hands of husbands who could never love them, and like me, some even got abused by husbands who were also under great pressure," she said.
Xiao now runs a website called "Homeland of gays'--wholesale caps wives", which has 1,200 registered users and provides support and advice.
"The website makes them feel they're not alone and empowers them to make the right choices," she said.
Wang Zi (not his real name), a 27-year-old gay man, said he did not want a heterosexual marriage, but maybe one day he would be forced into it because he did not want to hurt the feelings of his parents.
Wang, a graduate student majoring in Chinese, said he would never tell his parents the truth. They still worked on the land at his hometown village .
"I may marry a lesbian and we can keep going with our own lifestyle more honestly," he said.
He claimed that online matchmaking services were available to help homosexuals marry.

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Natural leadership

Natural leadership. It is a secret force of superiority not to have to get
by artful trickery but by an inborn power of rule. All submit to it without
knowing why, recognizing the secret vigor of natural authority. Such
magisterial spirits are kings by merit and lions by innate privilege. By the
esteem that they inspire, they hold the hearts and minds of those around them.
If their other qualities permit, such people are born to be the prime movers of
the state. They perform more by a gesture than others by a long harangue.

Nadal lifelike wax figure unveiled in London (Photos)

A golden slam winner rafael nadal tennis wax appearance London regent's park.
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Never Exaggerate

   It is an important object of attention not to talk in superlatives, so as neither to offend against truth nor to give a mean idea of one understands.
Exaggeration is a prodigality of the judgment which shows the narrowness of one's knowledge or one's taste.
Praise arouses lively curiosity, begets desire, and if afterwards the value does not correspond to the price, as generally happens, expectation revolves against the deception, and revenges itself by under-estimating the thing recommended and the person recommending. wholesale YMCMB caps
A prudent man goes more cautiously to work, and prefer to err by understatement than by overstatement.
Extraordinary things are rare, therefore moderate your valuation.
Exaggeration is a branch of lying, and you lose by it the credit of good taste, which is much, and of good sense, which is more.


Human first ship to commercial spacecraft docking with the international space station

The United States space "new age"

At press time, "dragon" shuttle smooth operation, and has not seen the exception. Space exploration technology company boss MaSiKe said he was relieved. In fact, 22 launch is "dragon" the shuttle's second flight, falcon 9 rocket third flight, the success of the launch and no one hundred percent of security. The launch is also the space exploration technology company official NASA space freight contract execution for the last time a test. If successfully launched, the U.S. space exploration technology company will get and NASA's first contract signed 396 million research and development for the rest of the money, and then will be in accordance with the NASA signed a $1.6 billion deal, 11 times for launch, transport the goods to the space station. Transport goods is the space exploration technology company commercial space launch the first step, they hope in the future one day will be responsible for the seven astronauts to the space station, and simultaneously the tracks of the lowlands for launch.YMCMB caps wholesale
The U.S. space exploration technology company in the space business landmark achievements benefit from NASA's "commercial orbital transportation services program." Long-term since, large manned space program are made by the government investment, cost of over the most wealthy American even global also to bear. Therefore, after many years a lot of argumentation and study, the United States decided to use commercial orbital transportation mode from heaven and earth to reduce the cost of transportation, from the fundamental solution to this problem. In recent years more difficult financial situation, the United States "SheJinQiuYuan" new space policy is even more necessary and timely. Nearly to rail transport business outsourcing to the private sector, make NASA to devote to new spacecraft and a large thrust the rockets more research, specialize in according to the moon and Mars asteroids, "long distance travel".
The private enterprise management mechanism is agile, research and development cycle is short, low cost advantage won NASA's favor. In December 2008, space exploration technology companies and NASA total signed a $1.6 billion business supply service contract, content is the end of the shuttle program, to 2017 years ago in space exploration technologies of the company's "dragon" spacecraft to the international space station provides 12 times the total of 20 tons of goods transport, and "dragon" shuttle transport astronauts to the international space station. With the Virginia for the private orbital science company also and NASA has signed the contract goods to the international space station, later this year first test its "Cyguns" cargo ships. And "dragon" spacecraft is different, "Cyguns spacecraft can only goods, and smaller load capacity. It will be in the 2012 to 2017 years for the international space station transport goods eight times.
However, NASA nearly to transport business "outsourced" to private enterprise, but also influenced by some members of congress and a lot of public criticism. Many people of the private companies questioned the space ability, worry that their rockets and spacecraft NASA as the safety and reliability of the products. But NASA officials and private spacecraft leaders all think, space exploration by official system to private participation in transition "in its". NASA commercial space development project director McAllister says even if the "dragon" shuttle project execution as expected, the transition is inevitable. NASA's experts point out that, in the process of launch, the American space exploration technology company to be able to check out the two technical failure, and a quick restart mission, the technical ability is beyond doubt.
At present, the "dragon" spacecraft has become America's most mature commercial transport ships. The spacecraft was in December 2010, success had a more into the test flight, verify the "dragon" shuttle launch, orbit, signal transmission, receiving instructions, orbital maneuvering, simulation docking, again into the atmosphere, safe landing to the surface by recycling and key technology. "Dragon" type and parts of the shuttle points manned type two kinds. Type of "dragon" manned spacecraft up will be seven crew sent to near-earth; Parts of the type of "dragon" ship can carry up most 6 tons goods, shipped back to 3 tons of goods. "Dragon" shuttle is not like a spacecraft can only be used once, but can be repeated use 10 times or so, so can greatly reduce the cost of transportation from heaven and earth, this also is the most prominent a advantages.
Space "maniac" MaSiKe
Founded in 2002, the United States space exploration technology company headquartered in California. Its founder MaSiKe billionaires is online payment tool PAYPAL's founder, is also a space "maniac".
MaSiKe revealed, "DRAGON" THE shuttle's name from him like a popular song "PUFF, THE DRAGON", take this name is counter THE purpose of who think THE space dream impossible critics.
Falcon 9 rocket and a smaller falcon 1 rocket a size, it gets its name from the movie Star Wars saga of the space shuttle "one thousand falcon". "Dragon" spacecraft will eventually have manned model appear.
Ten years, the United States space exploration technology company has become the first spacecraft to enter orbit and realize the security of the return of the private company, and will become the first visit to the international space station of the private company. MaSiKe also want the United States space exploration technology companies to become the first to transport astronauts to the space of the private company. He also plans to continuously improve "dragon" shuttle, until eventually land on Mars. New Era caps
As planned, "dragon" the first spacecraft to within three years will the astronauts into space. With a Russian spacecraft sent an American astronauts to the international space station for the price of $50 million, and with "dragon" the shuttle's price is much lower, and the height restriction expanded to 1.95 m.
In order to explore further to the space, the U.S. space exploration technology company also built since the man on the moon in the most powerful of the rockets, "heavy falcon", the purpose is to more conveniently, the personnel, the goods on the moon, asteroids even Mars. "Heavy falcon" will be the basis of falcon 9 construction, use two bind type booster and other system of the falcon 9 rocket to upgrade. It measures 69.2 meters, equivalent to 20 storeys high, near-earth carrying capacity is the U.S. space shuttle 2 times, shipping cost is only 1/10 of the space shuttle.
MaSiKe are still considering the development of more powerful "super heavy rocket", its carrying capacity will reach "heavy falcon" about three times than the Apollo spacecraft launch the Saturn-5 rocket big above 50%. By the rockets, whether back to the moon, Mars or other farther into heavenly bodies without any problems.
MaSiKe has said the company hopes to 10 to 20 years on Mars astronauts. The timetable for NASA's manned than on Mars planned early, and low cost to be true. Supposedly, MaSiKe ultimate dream is to let the human become "the survival of the species.

Human first ship to commercial spacecraft docking with the international space station

The international space station astronauts operation is 17.7 meters of mechanical arm ready to "capture" spacecraft is realized, and the first private company spacecraft to the international space station's historic rendezvous in success.
Xinhua net Washington May 25, (reporter as) the United States space exploration technology company launch "dragon" shuttle 25 success with the international space station docking, thus becoming the first ship to visit space station commercial spacecraft.
NASA information shows that the United States eastern time 12 when two points (Beijing time 26 at 2 points), "dragon" shuttle was fixed in the space station security "harmonious" JieDianCang number. Before docking in more than two hours, the space station astronauts Donald Patty and Andre kay Perth with long about 17.7 meters of mechanical arm Canada completed the "dragon" the shuttle's "catch" action. At that time, the shuttle and the space station are operating in the earth about 400 kilometers above the over Australia.   
"" dragon" have been connected to the international space station!!! History has been create!" The california-based space exploration technology company in the butt joint through the "push," zhang said.
NASA chief Charles on bolton, said U.S. private companies have proved to the space station supply ability, it opened up a new field of commercial space, also for the United States to create new jobs. The White House office of science and technology policy director John hall darren think, docking success is a kind of important significance of science and technology achievements, is also the President Obama keep America in space leadership plan milestone.
"Dragon" shuttle high of about 6.1 meters in diameter, about 3.7 meters, 22, 500 kg goods carry launch. As planned, the space station astronauts 26 will open docking port discharge. "Dragon" spacecraft with space station will be about a week, then in 31 carrying about 600 kg load to return to earth and fell into the Pacific Ocean and recycled. After the success of the mission, space exploration technology the company is expected to gain from NASA contract worth $1.6 billion, to the space station launch 12 times freight ships.
According to the design, "dragon" adapted to transport astronauts after. Since the shuttle after retired last year, the United States to the space station transport personnel and the goods are need to "count on" Russia. Therefore, the us space agency encouraging domestic private enterprise development and the "space bus" space station, space exploration technology companies, such as the four enterprise in the competition this project.
Its first official and docking"
The United States eastern time 22 3 a.m. 44 points, beautiful space exploration technology company (SpaceX) "dragon" spacecraft in the Florida KaNaWeiLaErJiao launched, to the international space station--this is the world "private spacecraft" to the international space station's first visit to, regardless of their trip finally is perfect or not, are doomed to load the space history.
In April this year, finish the mission of the United States finally a a service the space shuttle discovery is in museums, yinde countless American space fans regrets sighs: once topped the American aerospace field, now can depend on the high aboard a Russian spacecraft to send astronauts and goods to heaven. "Dragon" the shuttle's d-will, the American people in sorrow is undoubtedly a timely of comfort. But the more important significance lies in "dragon" spacecraft to the international space station's docking. This is with the official business folk spacecraft to the international space station first docking.
According to the report, "dragon" although there is automatic docking ship design ability, but the task is not and space station strictly to be automatic docking, but close to the space station in the circumstances, the space station astronauts in the use of mechanical arm should be fixed, and then the pulled to the "harmonious" docking ports. YMCMB caps wholesale
"Dragon" shuttle program and space station a week of connection. On 31 May, complete the task of freight "dragon" spacecraft will launch the completed test items and other equipment, ran from the international space station, and eventually fall into the distance from southern California coast hundreds of miles of the Pacific Ocean, the ship by recycling salvage recovery.
The mission of the falcon 9 rocket long 48 meters, equipped with the channel 9 "grey back hawk" rocket engine. Located in the top of the rocket ship "dragon" 4.4 meters long, 3.7 meters in diameter, containing 460 kg goods, including 306 kilograms of food and other supplies, another American students design of scientific experiments project and a laptop computer.
By private enterprise of leading the launch commercial unique characteristics. Falcon 9 rocket 2 with the ashes of 308 people, including once in "interstellar get lost" television series, the reason plays James doohan, who carried out the United States and the mercury astronaut Gordon cooper plan. The service by SaiLaiSi di "memorial space" responsible for the company. Bearing the master's dream, these ashes will be on the space.
The launch has two for technical fault delayed, and shows its private start is not easy. 19 scrubbed the launch, the rocket engine ignition program has been launched, but the arrow in the computer came automatic stop command. Last weekend, the technical personnel comprehensive examination, found a security check valve problems, cause engine combustion indoor abnormal high pressure. In to replace the check valves, technical personnel and all the rocket engines to check that can launch.

King's Cup - Messi broke the saber 2 ball Barcelona 3-0 melon handsome 14 crown farewell

Beijing time on May 26 at 4 am, 11/12 Spanish king's cup final in Madrid-the vicente calderon stadium on. Barcelona 3-0 win over athletic bilbao, pedro scored two goals and Lionel messi scored this season 73th formal personal goal. Barcelona history won 26 times Spanish king cup, and at the same time this season a cup harvest 4 cup, after a dream three team has won the Spanish super cups, the European super cup and the club World Cup. In the four years history, with Barcelona's josep guardiola won 14 championship trophy.
The game was josep guardiola coaching last game of the Barcelona, but also Spanish football this season's final game. In the history of the cup final, the two teams were meeting 6 times, Barcelona four wins and two negative the upper hand. In the 08/09 season king cup final, Barcelona than 1 and 4 bishop reverse title. The king's cup final last season in 1/8, Barcelona in their 1-1 draw with two legs and finish, and depending on the advantages of the promotion on away goals. Barcelona rotation 3 people, pinto and Alexis sanchez-returning from injury, also enter iniesta lineup, and beriah, feng tower si, abidal, alves and carles puyol through injury absence, the optimum technology reason unsuccessful squad.YMCMB caps wholesale
Before the national anthem, the two sides of a harsh fans booing. The opening 26 SEC Harvey passing, Lionel messi hooked the left foot marko babic box floater wiping away the far post fly out of the bottom line. 2 minutes Alexis sanchez-direct passing, adriano the left side of the penalty area the bottom line across, pedro the left foot was shooting guard road blocked the bottom line. Harvey open a right-wing corner, pique header hit balls after ceng Harvey martinez, pedro the left foot strafe middle scoring. 1 0, Barcelona get dream start! 5 minutes booth g watts passing, pedro the left foot refracted slowdown's floater by the Iraq lai, the catch. 11 minutes Lionel messi and Alexis sanchez made with your head against a wall type-after, the left side of the penalty area by ella, shimmy later, a shovel.
15 minutes Harvey ball middle points, Lionel messi hooked on the right before the left foot finish, Iraq, single hand over cable, ball over the bottom line. 2 minutes after it pedro, Harvey box kick right-footed floater high. 19 minutes middle iniesta pass, the right after the Lionel messi offside goal right foot shovel shot. 2-0, with Lionel messi this season 73 personal goal! 24 minutes Barcelona open free kick, Harvey back to knock, pedro the box on the right after the strong arc left foot's low shot. 3-0, Barcelona secure, pedro scored two goals! 25 minutes pique not far from clear, Sue gaza left foot was the right eta marko babic pinto conceded. 1 minute Barcelona back the long ball, messi the right after the offside left foot Jody single-blade was saved. Then Aaron's penalty area slightly middle diving and referee Bohr balaam indifferent.
33 minutes messi direct passing, adriano left by-line, Harvey box and volleyed in his right foot floater was saved. 38 minutes Harvey martinez iniesta knocked down, mascherano half-time point right foot long free-kick by the Iraq's audacious attack, cable and save, 1 minutes after Sue gaza eta behind front tackle on mascherano was a yellow card. 40 minutes Alexis sanchez-the left side of the penalty area, from behind by ella, knocked down, the Bohr balaam were denied a penalty. 42 minutes behind Iraq Laura pull down Alexis sanchez-booked, 2 minutes, slightly Aaron direct passing, mourinho for the right Angle Virginia small marko babic right foot, joao ball even single hand out the bottom line.
In the second-half, the bishop with Iraq nie godot-and AnDeEr off shimon peres DE Max and Sue gaza eta, 47 minutes, a battle slightly Aaron left foot shot deflection. 51 minutes AnDeEr direct passing, Iraq-gomez the box on the right worship arc even his right foot Jody deflection. 56 minutes right montoya cross, Alexis sanchez-middle small breathe-taking stuff sliding door outside the box. 60 minutes pique AnDeEr knocked down, Iraq nie godot-the left before the left foot shimon peres to hit a free-kick.
64 minutes the worship-gomez right 45 degree crosses, slightly Aaron's header box shot was pique road cleared. 1 minutes after Harvey tactics AnDeEr booked for a foul to pull down, Iraq nie godot-the left before the free-kick shimon peres left foot shot hit a barrier. 68 minutes for the left side of the penalty area Virginia jose mourinho's right foot was pinto and save, 2 minutes messi middle five people-even the left side of the penalty area's left foot, Iraq, lai cable with the leg turned the ball out, then booked for a foul iniesta handball. Barcelona KaiDa off with Alexis sanchez-beach with toelke ROM off and slightly, Aaron.
76 minutes the worship-gomez right cross, and no one in the said benitez otlet had little the left side of the penalty area head wide headed a goal. Barcelona with cesc fabregas and tiago off Harvey and pedro, iniesta wear the captain's armband. 91 minutes cesc fabregas blasts the left side of the penalty area, Lionel messi left by the Iraq the strong middle marko babic lai, the catch. Finally a 3-0 win over Barcelona, Picasso, red blues team crowned four trophies this season, and the harvest in the club's history a king's cup trophy 26. (sohu sports DingWu)
Barcelona (4-3-3) : 13 pinto / 35-montoya, 3-pique, 14 mascherano, 21-adriano / 6-Harvey (80 '4-cesc fabregas), 16-booth g watts, 8-iniesta / 9-Alexis-sanchez (70' 15-KaiDa), 10-Lionel messi, 17-pedro (86 '11-tiago)
Athletic bilbao (4-3-3) : 1-Iraq, lai cable / 15-23-ella Laura, Iraq, gaza, 5-amoxicillin LeiBi eta, 3-there had 19-jose mourinho in/from Virginia 24-Harvey martinez, 10-Germany Max (46 '17-Iraq nie godot-shimon peres) / 14-Sue gaza eta (46' 21-AnDeEr), 9-slightly Aaron's (72 '2-toelke ROM), 28-Iraq worship-gomez


Beauty response "Confucius institute" the event say tries not to let any teacher from America

The state department has issued a request in a good J-1 the visa "Confucius institute" Chinese teachers must on June 30 departure, this matter caused widespread dispute. A spokesman for the U.S. state department newland 24 answered and said, and the United States will try to not let any teacher left the United States under the premise of a visa to solve the current confusion.

Newland on the day of the regular news conference that the latest policies promulgated by the state council and not at the Confucius institute instructions itself, but aims to ensure that (foreign scholars and teachers) in the United States with the type of visa the student visa correctly.

Newland explained, J-1 education visa (teachers visa) has two categories, one kind is applicable to from kindergarten to high school teacher, Another kind of apply professor and visiting scholar. And the use of a visa is a little confusing, so the United States going to clearing.

Whether the United States will be required to hold this visa of Chinese teachers left the United States at the end of June, newland said: "my understanding is, we will try to not let anyone was forced to leave to solve the problem."

She also pointed out that the United States is very attention and China's cultural exchanges, this also is secretary of state Hillary Clinton early may attend the china-us strategic economic dialogue with the center of one of the content.

And to the outside world of the Confucius institute of so-called hype in the United States and promoting China expansion of the soft power of the problem, newland says not worried about that, on the contrary, it is the United States support things, because this is to strengthen the two peoples part of mutual understanding.

Newland said that at present the United States is trying to find out how many people by the visa cleaning effect, then to send a more clearly and more convenient for management policy directive. Earlier, an anonymous state department officials also admitted in an interview, the latest release policy directive part of the announcement content "easy cause misunderstandings."
Recently, the United States "the chronicle of higher education, the report says, the U.S. state department on May 17, attached to the Confucius institute of American university says the announcement, the Confucius institute teachers to teach and study the identity of the scholars to the United States, but some of the teachers of the object is professor of primary and junior high school students, against the J-1 the relevant provisions of the visa. Therefore, the visa holder must leave before the United States by the end of June, if need to return to beauty, must be to apply for the right visa.

The announcement sparked between China and the United States of media attention and reading, some set up the American university of Confucius institute to the U.S. state department mail the letter also protest.

According to the Chinese hanban data, since 2005 the first Confucius institute in the United States since the establishment of the university of Maryland, hanban has sent more than 2100 teachers, about 600 Chinese teachers to work in the United States, if the above notice to take effect, at least 51 teacher will be forced to return to China.

The other statistics, the U.S. 48 states has established a 81 Confucius institute and 299 Confucius classroom, is the world set up Confucius institute and Confucius classroom most populous country. In 2011, the Confucius institute for a Chinese language course 6127 divisions, registered students of nearly 160000 people, more than 2800 cultural events sequences, a total of 1.47 million people attended.

Team of the Year released: Bryant emperor elected Paul windy after

Beijing time early on May 25, the NBA announced formally the 2011-12 season best team. The regular season MVP lebron James leading first team, at most 120 copies in the first sequence votes, the emperor win one of those 118 copies. In addition to James outside, into the first team and the lakers' kobe Bryant, thunder's Kevin durant, Dwight Howard of the Orlando magic, and the clippers' Chris Paul.
Although James this season averaged 37.5 minutes of playing time set a career low, but the 8 th all-star with an average of 27.1 points to rank among the league's third place. And he averaged 7.9 rebounds and 6.2 assists in the first team, James averaged 53.1% shooting from the field and 36.2% from three-point is set a career high. This is the fifth consecutive season James for the first team, also is the sixth time career.

Durant career third time in the first team, he is averaging 28.0 points in the third year in a row as the season scoring leader title; Besides durant averaged 8.0 rebounds and 3.5 assists is set a career high. The regular season duran special four times at least 40 points, including on February 19 and the nuggets in game had a career-high 51 points. And this year's NBA all-star weekend, durant western all-star led to a 152-149 victory over the east all-star team. Game durant got 36 points, his first career won the NBA all-star game MVP.

Kobe Bryant is the seventh consecutive season in the first team, he became the first team in the most times of current NBA player (10 times). Kobe Bryant this season with a 27.9-point scoring row in second place, on February 6,, in Philadelphia, kobe Bryant more than shaq to NBA scoring fifth. March 9,, in Minnesota, kobe Bryant to 33 199 day become in the history of the young Mr. 29000 points. Kobe Bryant 10 time in the first team and kareem abdul-jabbar, Elgin baylor, Bob cousy, west, and Michael Jordan, Bob-Emmanuel petit, jerry west tied for second place in history rows. And in the first team in the history of the most times is Karl Malone, "the postman" career 11 times in the award.

Dwight Howard was the fifth consecutive season first team this season, "warcraft" averaged 14.5 rebounds not only set a career high, but also among the top of the league. In addition, he averaged 57.3% shooting from the field and finished first in the league, and 43 double-doubles was second in, averaging 2.15 blocked shots in the third row. Howard is averaging 20.6 points enter an item in an account, he became the only three this season averaging at least scored 20 points, 10 rebounds, one of the players.YMCMB caps wholesale

Chris Paul second career in the first team, with an average of 2.53 he steals the first row in the league, averaging 9.1 assists in the third. In addition, Paul averaging 19.8 points and 3.5 rebounds had, and this season he dished out two double 23 times in the league a 16. Paul become NBA history a single season 2 averaging at least 19.0 points and 9.0 assists 3.5 rebounds 2.0 steals people, the other one is 1990-91 season's Tim went.

This season was second in the NBA's team of the players are respectively the spurs Tony parker, thunder's veith brooke, the clippers' black-griffin, Minnesota's Kevin-music and the lakers' Andrew bynum. In the third season NBA team players are respectively the heat's dwyane wade, the celtics' rajon rondo, knicks carmelo Anthony, Dallas' dirk nowitzki, and the knicks tyson chandler.
NBA team is made of 120 American and Canadian sports reporter and host of common voted. In the first team players get 5 points, second unit of player is three points, the third squad player is 1 points.

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Selfish outlook vanishes when we turn 33

When you're fed up with self-obsessed twenty-somethings, try to remember that they'll be 33 one day.
For that's the age when they lose the 'all about me' attitude, research suggests.
By then, youthful selfishness subsides and people begin to consider others' feelings more often, researchers say.
When we reach 33, we are also more likely to make an effort with parents and grandparents and take a positive attitude towards ending feuds with family or friends.And we could send a gift to them, such as YMCMB caps or for the wholesale price
The older we get, the more selfless we are in almost all areas of life – with the exception of volunteering in the community, the report suggests.
Most people agree that having children is the turning point in changing our attitudes towards other people.
This is when we apparently find ourselves worrying more about others and doing things for them, such as checking how they are getting home, offering to help with childcare and doing airport runs.
And we are more likely to keep an eye out for neighbours, as well as give up seats to elderly people on public transport.
We will probably also be more involved in the community and willing to donate money to good causes.http://www.fashion-caps.com/
Those under 33 are most likely to admit to being very selfish – with 40 percent saying that they put themselves first in all circumstances.
However, 40 percent of this age group regularly volunteer for charity or their community – higher than any other age group.
The age at which we are most selfish is our teenage years, researchers found – with people saying that just growing up made them more likely to consider others.
Others cite meeting their partner or buying a house as the point at which they started being more compassionate and putting others first.
Researchers at Make-A-Wish Foundation UK came to their conclusion after studying the attitudes of 2,000 adults aged from 20 to 60.


The world's tiny natural come to commander phase can be congestion city

This is a body broke through the normal limits's car. It is the company of pure electric car research and development of Tango Tango T600. Offer two people of seat Tango T600 appearance is very strange, long, thin models, environmental protection power sources, this car overturned people to the understanding of the car. It was, is a electric cigar. T600 design rich fun and easy travel, suitable for alone or two people go to any place, and can achieve any motorcycle can reach place, because the car is only 99 cm wide, than Honda motorcycle more narrow some golden. Tango T600 driving up unusually quiet, can not hear a sound. Body length and width is 2.57 meters respectively, and 0.99 meters.


America the private sector spacecraft was successfully launched to the station

The United States Space Exploration Technologies successfully launched a cargo ship named "Dragon". If all goes well, then it will work with the International Space Station for docking.


Launched "Dragon" spacecraft "Falcon 9 rocket

Ten classic game of the Lakers season

Beijing time May 22, the lakers left, they in game 5 of the western conference semifinals to thunder team, eventually score 1-4 was eliminated. Review the legion's 2011-purple and gold 12 season, from the coaches to the squad are there have been a lot of changes, they also have been under a lot of question and the pressure, but the lakers or on the many a great show, to stay many unforgettable moment, now we have to see the lakers this season under 10 classical match ups.

January 11,, the lakers have the sun's challenge, the game became the kobe Bryant's violent wind points performance, crazy he got a season high with 48 points, especially small unstoppable had 16 points and the Los Angeles lakers win. The game is the lakers open the season in 15 days after the 10 games, the team's body state and very tired, and kobe Bryant after last season after the nightmare of sweep, outside the old about whether he has questioned more and more. In this critical moment, Bryant's 48 points show proof of his strength, also for purple clothes army have their third straight win.

2、La Derby
Because Chris Paul, Chauncey billups and star to join us, and the Los Angeles clippers in the squad has not the book strength loss to the lakers, and la Derby also begins to get the attention of the outside world. The clippers in the first season dialogue beat the lakers, Paul has a very good performance, and about who is now the best team and a LA the best player in the debate began to appear. But on January 26, kobe Bryant with 24 points, seven rebounds and six assists a small cut 12 points of performance, led the lakers to beat the Los Angeles clippers, proved they are still the city's boss.

3、Lakers add a sub-sack Celtics

The lakers and the celtics between the bitter foes of yellow green war is the eternal theme in league one. On February 10, two teams of the first meeting, the lakers in the two straight away under the condition of the outbreak of the huge energy, Bryant 27 points and five rebounds 4 assists, and pau gasol 25 points and 14 rebounds, bynum 16 points and 17 rebounds, leading the lakers after a battle of overtime, difficult 1 points out.

4、The twin towers to force the Lakers eliminate Spurs

No Bryant, the lakers? In the army and the spurs purple clothes of confrontation are given their answers, and that was fully trust the twin towers. Bynum in the match had 16 points nightmare 30 rebounds, pau gasol 21 points and 11 rebounds, in addition CiShiPing surprise scored 26 points, eventually purple clothes army 98-84 win over powerful the SAN Antonio spurs.

5、Key ball of Kobe Bryant Lakers double play Celtics

Can double season green army, which for many the lakers fans, this season has enough. On April 12,, the two teams' again, the lakers to a 97-94 win over Celtic, kobe Bryant in the final 41 seconds side score, helped the lakers 95-94 finally came to win it.

6、Lakers' double-overtime 18 points reversed Thunder

Perhaps the game to the lakers caused the thunder not strong false appearance, purple clothes army the game face the thunder youth, once behind 18 points. But the final stage Bryant led the lakers to a crazy kickback, the final staged a comeback 18 points.

The lakers in a 3-1 lead of the good situation, the nuggets of two innings even board, the game into the seven war. May CiShiPing comeback game 7 ends causes a lot of help, and gasol and bynum also very to force the twin towers, and finally purple clothes army tiebreak eliminated Denver war into the western conference semifinals.

8、Lakers suffered a black two minutes
In the lakers team series with thunder in game 2, purple clothes army last 2 minutes but had seven points advantage, they have great opportunities to take away a victory. But the last two minutes of time, the lakers suddenly short circuit, and thunder hit 9-0 of the climax, held the score and eventually win.

9、Kobe Bryant 36 distribution Thunder postseason defeat

Game 3 of the western conference semifinals, Bryant dumped cut 36 points, seven rebounds and six assists, led the lakers to the last 3 minutes in small five points behind, finally achieved the total into reverse down the 1-2.

10、"Lone wolf" Kobe ruined the Lakers

The lakers and thunder game 4 war series, purple clothes army has a good chance of aggregate score will for a 2-2 draw. In the fourth quarter of rest Bryant, the lakers rely on the excellent performance of the twin towers won 13 points, but Bryant played after continuous while the iron is hot, waste a lot of chances, the result makes thunder see hope eventually completed the magic reversal, total score a 3-1 lead.